Happy Anniversary

This week we celebrate two years of being “on the air” through Facebook, Linked-in, and our website (www.comunicologia.com.mx/h/blog) with regular articles on strategic communications. Two years of exploring the ins and outs of good and poor strategic communications using stories of the day as examples from which to learn.


Throughout, our goal has been to share our expertise with readers everywhere, and build upon these ideas and examples in our media relations and strategic communications courses.


The articles we have published thus far have led a good number of comments by readers, and we look forward to guidance from you about the issues with which we deal and the design and drafting of the articles.


The articles to date have led to the publication of two books – “Guerrilla Communications” and “Spokespersonry” – that explore key concepts and examples in greater detail (both books are available at Amazon.com).


Communication is at the very essence of our identity as human beings. The development of language to express concepts and feelings has been around for thousands of years, and continues to develop with every technological and cultural advance.


We have always thought that the best way to share knowledge is by sharing stories and experiences. Our minds are wired to share stories that describe events or feelings and challenge our imaginations, and allow us to explore other minds as well as our own.


Communicating well can prove effective in improving our personal, professional, and emotional lives. Learning how to improve our communications skills can lead to new experiences and results – results that can contribute positively to our lives and the lives of others.


Your comments with respect to our articles – on Facebook, Linked-in, or on our website, have allowed us to engage in a dialogue in which we have learned from each other and, hopefully, become better communicators.


We look forward to continuing this dialogue into our third year and beyond, and look forward to your comments, suggestions, critiques, and your own examples of good and poor strategic communications.


Sharing is the best way to learn, and learning together is something we will continue to enjoy.


So onwards and upwards, as we continue on our journey of exploration and improvement in the months and years ahead!



Eduardo del Buey


Crosshairs Communications Ltd.



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