Synergies in Communications

Synergy is an important element in creating messages. Melding seemingly unrelated parts into a coherent whole can be an effective messaging tool.

On March 20, 2014, the Mexican Cultural Institute of Washington DC hosted the premier of “Angel Azul” as part of its participation in the Environmental DC Film Festival. The documentary film by producer/director Marcy Cravat explores the artistic journey of Jason deCaires Taylor ( This innovative artist combines creativity with an important environmental strategy – the creation of artificial coral reefs off the coast of Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula from statues cast from live models and planted on the seabed.

This synergy between science, and the arts used by the Mexican Cultural Institute in this instance underscores the power of cultural diplomacy as a tool for winning hearts and minds to important issues, and identifying solutions with which all can identify and support. It underscores the power of synergy in crafting strong, effective, and attractive messages to a variety of audiences.

In my blog of September 22, 2013 (Cultural Diplomacy is Everyone’s Business), I wrote that, “…today’s public diplomacy requires the broad participation of non-traditional players…Modern technology have made us both producers as well as consumers of communications products, and have made us all active players in this new “great game”.

“Angel Azul” underscores the power of creating synergies between science, the arts, and diplomacy.

Indeed, a focus by Cravat on Taylor’s sculptures from an artistic focus would have been esthetically interesting to an artistic audience.

And a focus on the effects of man-made conditions on the survival of reefs would also have interested environmentalists and divers.

However, the melding of art and science has elevated the debate to new and interesting heights, created a powerful tool, and will attract new and different audiences.

The use of such a fascinating film as a synergistic tool for public diplomacy is an excellent way to share ideas Mexico has supported in international forums for many years.

The result is a strong and effective message that speaks eloquently to a problem facing not only Mexico, but also all of humanity.


Eduardo del Buey


Crosshairs Communications Ltd.



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