Media Training

media-training-iconEduardo brings many years of experience as a senior spokesperson for three major international organizations. He offers your staff one and two day training sessions focused on dealing with the media to strategically advance your organization’s interests and reach target audiences with well crafted and delivered messages. Body language and written and oral communication all contribute to connecting, and connecting is key to achieving your objectives and getting your audience to identify on a personal level with your message.

Strategic communicators

target-audienceWe offer your organization advice on how to identify target audiences, how to craft your messages, and how to influence target audiences to become your allies as you grow and develop. Based on decades of diplomatic experience, we have honed our interpersonal and cross-cultural communications skills. We have a network of contacts throughout Latin America that range from lawyers to political consultants, to active and former diplomats and members of think tanks. We bring them in as required to ensure that you, as our client, have access to the best strategic advice available.


globeReaching out and grabbing your target audience. To connect, you need strategy, capacity, and empathy. These qualities exist inherently in some people, but for the majority of us they are learned. To help you learn to connect, we offer strategic communications advice and planning, and media relations training. Our one-day training program and our on-going consultancy availability are there to guide you in producing results. We look forward to sharing our experience and expertise with your organization.